Milwaukee Police Health and Wellness

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The purpose of the Wellness Team is to provide a core group of personnel who are trained to provide support, information, clergy and mental health professionals to employees who are seeking assistance whether it is related to a critical incident, day-to-day work stress or personal life stress. It is more important than ever to look out for one another, both on the streets as well as our mental health. If you believe an officer is struggling and would benefit from a referral, please make any referrals to P.O. Benjamin Ade or to any of the listed providers. Referrals can be made anonymously as well! This service is free to all department members.

Meet the Team

-(First row- Left) Psychotherapist - Erin Quandt-Knapinski - 414-807-5233 -
-(First row- Middle) Student Therapist - Ramona Buchlmayer - 949-283-2704 -
-(First row- Right) In-House Psychologist - Dr. Heather Kersten - 262-347-8363 -
-(Second row- Far left) - EIP/Wellness Team Coordinator - P.O. Benjamin Ade - 262-212-7099 -
-(Second row- Second from left) - In-House Psychologist - Dr. Emily Jirikowic - 715-401-3321 -
-(Second row- Third from left) - Chaplain - George Papachristou - 262-617-9153 -
-(Second row- Far right)- Therapist - Ashlee Gethner - 815-904-0185 -

Confidentiality vs Privilege 

Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to the Wellness Team. You can feel confident that your information will be kept private. P.O. Benjamin Ade shall remain strictly confidential with all disclosed information excluding the following:

  1. Prior written consent is obtained from the department member that specifies exactly what information may be disclosed, to whom, and for what purpose.
  2. An unexplained, unusual, or suspicious death.
  3. A case of suspected child neglect or abuse.
  4. A threat to one’s own life or safety, or that of another.
  5. A report of committing; having committed; or threatening to commit a crime.
  6. A threat to public health or safety.
  7. A report or information required to be reported by police per S.S. 968.075 (WI Domestic Abuse Law).

One on one contacts with the chaplain or mental health providers have legal privilege and are not subject to the confidentiality restrictions above. Clergy and mental health professionals can refuse to disclose communications or information obtained, even to courts. See Chapter 905 of the Wisconsin Statutes for more information.